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Anxiety Cure
When I was growing up, stressful situations didn't bother me. People would comment on my demeanor and say that I always appeared calm and relaxed. I remember my father talking about how he felt and the feelings that stopped him from doing things he enjoyed. He would often get light-headed, and his balance would be off. He did not say it was anxiety. I grew up thinking my father had something life-threatening. As life went on, there were many things I had to deal with that were traumatic. One event was my father was hit by a car and killed when I was seventeen.

Several friends and family members suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't understand at the time what anxiety was. I did not understand what they were going through.

When I was younger, I did notice on several occasions I didn't feel right. These feelings seemed to appear mostly in social settings.

One day as a young father, I was vacationing at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I was walking the path to Cinderella's castle carrying my two-year-old son. The park was very crowded. I felt as if I could pass out. I panicked and quickly got some water and started to feel better. After that day, I began to worry that this could happen again. Could I have the same illness my father had? This so-called illness stopped him from enjoying life. These thoughts scared me. As the years passed, I would feel these symptoms more and more. I did not speak to anyone as this might appear as a weakness. I learned to live my life with this panic that seemed to overwhelm me more and more. A series of traumatic events took place in my life that caused me more stress and a lack of sleep. My panic attacks had gotten so bad that I would have a minimum of ten or more panic attacks daily. Sometimes they felt like they lasted all day long. These attacks greatly affected my personal, social, and work life. It had gotten so bad that I remember searching the internet for treatments for panic attacks. Whenever I found a website with good information, I would find they always wanted money for their cure for panic attacks. Why would someone charge something to help others?

When I was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, a scene from the movie Poltergeist led me to the cure. "There is peace and serenity in the light" - Tangina, Poltergeist 1982. When we face our fears, we open the door to freedom.

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