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My form usually consists of paying attention to quite a few points and working on them for a week or more. This morning's practice my attention happened to be on my feet. The foot is neither the beginning nor the end but it starts the momentum the rest of the body follows. Each step as I shift into the substantial foot, I am feeling the Chi travel through my body. It starts below the ground up through the bottom of my substantial foot and passes through my body and out to infinity. Then new chi energy travels back down through my head, through my...

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When I have read a book more than once I might take it out and just open it in the middle and begin reading. Next time I pick it up I will open it again and read a different section. I have read the book Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on Tai Chi by Cheng Man Ching probably three times. This time I picked it up and opened it randomly and read. I came across a few paragraphs about The Beginning Posture which by the way was in the middle of the book. Cheng Man Ching wrote "The Main Purpose of...

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