Funny Tai Chi Slow Motion Tai Chi cartoon tai chi comic

What's he doing? I think it's Tai Chi. Why don't you try it? No, it's too fast for me.

Have you ever mentioned to a friend that they should try Tai Chi? They look at you and reply, "No, Tai Chi is too slow for me." If you have heard this before, you are sure to laugh from the Tai Chi cartoon, titled Froggles™ does Tai Chi.


I bet you didn't ever think you would hear Tai Chi is too fast. Especially from a snail. But who would have known that snails could talk? Maybe snails and turtles do communicate with each other.


Tai Chi has many health benefits. That includes relaxation, better balance, boosts immunity, strengthens bones, mind-body connection, and more. Why not laughter. Humor is one of life's best medicine. 

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