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Tai Chi Stay Motivated

When I started learning Tai Chi in 1993, I was very motivated to practice Tai Chi daily. I found every Tai Chi class interesting, and I was eager to learn. My teacher taught me one Tai Chi movement each week. He would not teach me the next posture until I memorized the first. It was my job to remember the previous week's class. I wanted to show my teacher I was serious and willing to do the work. I always did.

One day after Tai Chi class, my first Tai Chi teacher, sensei Howard had us all sitting seiza in a circle. He was answering questions. I remember his voice was almost a whisper. There was always a fan on because the dojo was usually very warm. Whenever he spoke, I could barely hear him. I had to lean forward when he would talk. At the end of this class, someone asked, "how do we stay motivated to practice Tai Chi?" He replied, "Anyone can lay on a couch and watch TV. what makes you different?" His answer has always stuck with me.

There were multiple reasons I was drawn to Tai Chi. One of the reasons was for the meditative aspect, and the other was the Martial applications. When I began learning Tai Chi, I was experiencing bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. Tai Chi became my daily medication. I wanted a natural cure for anxiety, and Tai Chi was it. My nickname for Tai Chi was a "magic pill." I needed to take this "magic pill" daily. Practicing Tai Chi every day was necessary if I wanted to cure myself of panic attacks.

I rarely missed a day of Tai Chi practice. Don't get me wrong, there were days I did not feel like practicing, but I always got up off the couch and did my Tai Chi forms. Why? Because I wanted to be different.

“Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.” 

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Ways to Stay Motivated to Practice Tai Chi

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  • James Bush on

    My first teacher H H Lui was fond of the phrase NPNB meaning No Practice No Breakfast!
    He also said there were 3 things to make you successful in Tai Chi. Practice ,practice and practice!
    He also said it required a PHD to learn Tai Chi: Patience, Humility and Dedication!

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