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What's on my Tai Chi bookshelf? During my almost thirty year journey learning, practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan I have read many books on the subject. Some of the Tai Chi books were ok, others good, and some were great. All the Tai Chi book titles below are in my personal library and are my favorites. Please read them you won't be disappointed. If you are currently learning Tai Chi or are considering learning Tai Chi please use my highly recommended list below to help you. If you didn't see "your" favorite Tai Chi or Martial Art book listed don't worry. Please share the title and author with me...

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  What happened to T'ai Chi Magazine? One of my favorite magazines for Tai Chi information and news was Tai Chi magazine. For a few years, I was a bi-monthly subscriber, I would always look forward to receiving and reading the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. There was a total of six issues annually. After discontinuing my home subscription I would often go to my local Barnes and Noble and order a cup of Starbucks coffee, sit down and read the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. I always found it to be very insightful and inspiring. I especially enjoyed the stories of...

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