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I just read the book Steal My Art The Life and Times of Tai Chi Master T.T.Liang by Stuart Alve Olson. I really feel like I got to know T.T. Liang and what type of person he was through the stories told by the author. One of my favorite parts was a story of how T.T. Liang would eat Twinkies.

Here is a quote from the book as told by the author: "So you do eat those things," I immediately said. "of course I do," he said with a serious tone. "They are delicious and have helped keep me alive." "What?" I said with disbelief. "How can these keep you alive, sir?" "You know nothing about these matters you bloody stupid fool," he admonished, half-joking though maintaining a serious tone. "Twinkies have a shelf life of one hundred and twenty-five years. If I eat two every day then without question I can live as long." "You mean Twinkies are the elixir of immortality, the secret formula that all Taoist sages throughout history have been searching for?" I said mockingly. "Of course they are. I will surely live at least one hundred years or more. You doubt it?" "No sir," I said. "I believe you."

I really enjoyed this book a lot and suggest you purchase a copy or go to the library and read it for yourself.


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