Life is better when it is balanced

Are you looking to begin a low-impact exercise routine to lose weight? Incorporating Tai Chi into your health and wellness routine can be highly beneficial and even aid in weight loss. Recent research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that participants who practiced Tai Chi for three months lost weight and maintained this weight loss after six months when compared to those who exercised differently or not at all.

The words of Bruce Lee offer inspiration, "Flowing water never goes stale, so keep on flowing." Daily exercise, including Tai Chi, can help build muscle, increase bone density, and promote overall health. While many are familiar with the meditative movements of Yang Tai Chi, it's important to note that it emphasizes leg strength and can provide a thorough workout, especially when learning martial applications and practicing with a partner. Chen Tai Chi combines slow and explosive movements, and offers a vigorous workout. Regardless of the style of Tai Chi, it can aid in your journey to improved health and weight loss.

Tai Chi also teaches the importance of balance, as evidenced by the Yin Yang symbol. Incorporating one healthy habit can inspire improvements in other areas, such as proper nutrition and good eating habits. Tai Chi is a lifestyle, not simply a form practiced for a few minutes daily. The way you align your posture to the way you grip your computer mouse. Releasing tension throughout the day is essential, as is finding a balance between positive and negative thoughts to support your mental health. The Tai Chi lifestyle is all day long. By studying Tai Chi, you can open the door to better overall health and well-being.

Is it possible to lose weight with Tai Chi? The answer is yes.

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  • Cindy on

    I am new to Tai Chi, I just signed up for a class I am 64 I have osteoarthritis, i have always been active in aerobics, or exercising in my 50s, the arthritis started getting the best of me, it would be nice to drop a few pounds but right now my focus is just getting that (stale water) joints moving again thank you for letting me share

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