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Is Tai Chi a Good Form of Exercise? Tai Chi practiced regularly can be a good form of exercise. Tai Chi will improve your overall health and benefit your fitness regimen. The health benefits from daily Tai Chi practice are massaging the internal organs, lower body strength, improved flexibility, better posture, balance, increased oxygen, calming, stress relief, and much more. I practice Yang and Chen style, Tai Chi, daily. I have found that both forms help to improve my overall fitness level. Yang Tai Chi, when practiced correctly, gives you a vigorous leg workout. The Chen Tai Chi form I...

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This post was written by LK who is a guest blogger on Taichidaily.co For almost two years, I have been practicing Yang style tai chi form regularly by going over the whole form at least once a day. Congratulations to me on being consistent! This in itself is a wonderful accomplishment (pat myself on the back!) and a valid way to practice tai chi to reap multiple health benefits. However, there is a different kind of practice that is probably more important for making steady progress in my development as a tai chi practitioner. I am talking about deliberate practice,...

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While practicing my tai chi form the other day I had my thoughts on a recent quote I posted on my Martial Art Quotes page by T.T. Liang. "A man with great strength can lift an iron bar of one hundred pounds, but he cannot lift an iron chain of one hundred pounds because the latter is divided into many joints which are connected without severance so that no center of gravity can be traced. When practicing Tai Chi or doing combat with an opponent you must employ the same principle." After reading this I became more aware of the way...

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Many people practice Tai Chi and go through the motions of a choreographed form. I don’t think you can really reap the full “benefits of Tai Chi” by practicing any Tai Chi form this way. Tai Chi has its obvious benefits such as increased oxygen to the cells, better balance, stronger bones, and reduced stress, but there is so much more. Tai Chi is a lifelong journey, as one thing unfolds something else will reveal itself. I have spent many years practicing the Yang Tai Chi short form and concentrate on the movements, postures, alignment, breathing and body mechanics. If...

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I made my first conscious effort to practice the Tai Chi form without thinking "no-mind". In the past, I have always practiced keeping in mind-body mechanics, breath, alignment, the next posture, etc. If my practice remains in this way my form will always be controlled from my mind. I need to learn to practice where my mind is in my center and trust that my body knows what to do. My center is two inches below my navel, this area is called the Dantian. Although I practiced my form very slowly today it seemed like time flew by, my form was...

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