Ozzy Osbourne Tai Chi

Ozzy Osbourne made a surprise announcement to his wife, son, and daughter on their podcast. Ozzy said he will practice Tai Chi to help treat Parkinson's disease. His family was so happy and excited to hear the news and thought it was an excellent idea. When a celebrity or someone famous promotes something, it exposes it to many people who may not know about it. If you know about it, it may help you try it as well. It may give someone the idea that if he can do it, so can you.

If Ozzy does try Tai Chi, I hope that he seeks to find a knowledgeable and proficient Tai Chi teacher. He certainly has the means to hire a qualified teacher. I would also like to see his Tai Chi journey documented. I feel that showing his journey would have the potential to help so many people, not only those with Parkinson's disease but also those young and old who wish to live a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is a powerful treatment for Parkinson's disease. The best exercise is the one your care team approves of and appeals to you. Tai Chi is a recommended exercise because it is safe and effective.

If you choose to learn Tai Chi, here are some tips for a beginner, including how to find a Tai Chi style and a qualified teacher.

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