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This post was written by LK who is a guest blogger on Taichidaily.co For almost two years, I have been practicing Yang style tai chi form regularly by going over the whole form at least once a day. Congratulations to me on being consistent! This in itself is a wonderful accomplishment (pat myself on the back!) and a valid way to practice tai chi to reap multiple health benefits. However, there is a different kind of practice that is probably more important for making steady progress in my development as a tai chi practitioner. I am talking about deliberate practice,...

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Many people practice Tai Chi and go through the motions of a choreographed form. I don’t think you can really reap the full “benefits of Tai Chi” by practicing any Tai Chi form this way. Tai Chi has its obvious benefits such as increased oxygen to the cells, better balance, stronger bones, and reduced stress, but there is so much more. Tai Chi is a lifelong journey, as one thing unfolds something else will reveal itself. I have spent many years practicing the Yang Tai Chi short form and concentrate on the movements, postures, alignment, breathing and body mechanics. If...

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