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When I have read a book more than once I might take it out and just open it in the middle and begin reading. Next time I pick it up I will open it again and read a different section. I have read the book Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on Tai Chi by Cheng Man Ching probably three times. This time I picked it up and opened it randomly and read. I came across a few paragraphs about The Beginning Posture which by the way was in the middle of the book. Cheng Man Ching wrote "The Main Purpose of...

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I made my first conscious effort to practice the Tai Chi form without thinking "no-mind". In the past, I have always practiced keeping in mind-body mechanics, breath, alignment, the next posture, etc. If my practice remains in this way my form will always be controlled from my mind. I need to learn to practice where my mind is in my center and trust that my body knows what to do. My center is two inches below my navel, this area is called the Dantian. Although I practiced my form very slowly today it seemed like time flew by, my form was...

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