My first Yang-style adult education Yang Tai Chi class was almost thirty years ago. From day one, I could not learn enough about Tai Chi. I have continued to practice Tai Chi daily and rarely miss a day of my Tai Chi practice. I practice Yang and Chen Tai Chi forms daily. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to anything Tai Chi-related.

I have no trouble staying motivated to practice Tai Chi every day. Understandably, the average person learning Tai Chi may not be as motivated as I am. I know the benefits and value that Tai Chi brings to my life, so I want to keep you motivated to learn and practice Tai Chi. For this reason, I created a Tai Chi Facebook page and an Instagram Tai Chi page. Both pages are called Tai Chi Daily. I post quotes from Tai Chi masters, motivational saying, and other positive quotes related to living a better life and the importance of fitness. By motivating others to a healthy lifestyle and a daily Tai Chi practice, I feel I am giving back to this art called Tai Chi. Please benefit from any information on this site. It is there to help you with your Tai Chi journey.

Click here to visit Tai Chi Daily's Facebook page.

Click here to visit Tai Chi Daily's Instagram page.

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    Thanks again ☯️

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