the power of chi the movie

The power of Chi, The Movie

I recently watched The Power of Chi the movie. Being a practitioner of Tai Chi for many years, I did enjoy watching this film. The Power of Chi is a high-quality documentary done in a Netflix fashion which showcases the power of Chi. The art of Tai Chi has been such an added benefit to my life. I hope this movie helps to popularize the art. The study and practice of Tai Chi can only enhance your life and improve the quality of whatever sport you play. Give this movie a try maybe it will motivate you to learn Tai Chi.

The Power of Chi, the movie is narrated by Morgan Freeman and directed by David Grovic. The movie demonstrates the Secret Power of Chi by Tai Chi expert Sifu Adam Mizner. Originally I thought this movie was a project of Sifu Adam Mizner. I later found out that Adam was paid only for his participation. This film is not a self promotion of Adam Mizner. MMA fighters Fabricio Werdum and Lyoto Machida are some of the famous athletes in this film. The movie famous cast adds to the validity of the film.

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