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I was just doing a random search online and found an article stating that Tai Chi is not a moving meditation. One of the reasons the writer stated that Tai Chi was not a moving meditation is because they felt in doing the Tai Chi form you need to pay attention to what is going on outside of the body as well as what is going on inside. I guess their idea of meditation is that you only pay attention to what is going on internally.

I think this is a great topic for discussion as I am sure most people have their own opinion. For me, it is my opinion that the Yang Tai Chi form is a form of moving meditation. I find that the Yang Tai Chi short form is my first choice when I meditate.

This topic is debatable because it all depends on the person and how they are practicing their Tai Chi form. The skill level of the practitioner plays a major role in whether you can say the Yang Tai Chi form is a form of moving meditation or not. There are many people who practice a choreographed Yang Tai Chi form. When they practice their Tai Chi form they tend to go through the memorized motions. Their mind wanders because they are not paying attention to anything. They start to daydream while practicing because the movements become almost dance-like. There are also some who are completely internal and don't pay attention to what is going on outside their body while practicing their Tai Chi form. I remember reading an article or book once that stated something like, when practicing Tai Chi, no one should be able to walk up and tap you on the shoulder and startle you. You should be completely aware of your surroundings as well as what is going on internally when practicing the Tai Chi form.

For me, the correct way to practice Tai Chi as a moving meditation is to have awareness. That awareness should be on many things that are all happening simultaneously. For example: rooting, breathing, body alignment, and body mechanics, releasing tension, awareness top, bottom, front, sides and behind you, staying centered and more. All of these points are an integral part of practicing Tai Chi as a moving meditation. By having awareness on one or all of these points you have turned the form into a moving meditation. It is natural for your mind to wander. If your mind wanders bring yourself back by being aware of one or more of these points.

Yang Tai Chi can be a great form of Moving Meditation, it really does depend on your skill level and how you choose to practice the Tai Chi form. It's your choice...



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