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Tai Chi SteppingAbout four years ago I was driving normal speed on the parkway and felt my car shake violently and I smelled rubber burning. I quickly realized I had a blowout! I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and prepared to change my flat tire. As I removed the jack from my trunk I remember thinking to myself wow this jack is really small. As I proceeded to jack my car up the jack started to sink into the earth. I remember trying again a few feet away and had the same result. I tried one more time and it worked, then suddenly the jack leaned and the car fell. Luckily I hadn't removed the tire yet!

By now a police officer pulled over and loaned me a larger jack and a wide piece of wood to use as a platform base. This worked and I was able to change my flat tire and was on my way. As I was driving to my destination I remember thinking about my Tai Chi form and the lesson I learned that afternoon. My foot is the base of the jack and my body is the jack. As I shift my weight into my substantial foot do I have a good base (Is my weight in my substantial foot and is my body properly aligned)? If the answer is yes then I can breathe in and inflate the Jack (my body).

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