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The first time I saw a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, I was visiting my cousin’s gift shop in Brooklyn, NY. I was immediately drawn to the corner of the store where the lamps were glowing. I remember asking, "What is that?" My cousin replied, “it is a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, a natural air purifier.” Being drawn to anything that benefits my health and overall well-being, I had to have one. Needless to say, I left the store that day with a salt lamp.

So what is a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is actually a large piece of pure Himalayan Salt that sits on a wooden base. There is a hole cut out in the bottom where a small, low watt bulb can be inserted. When turned on, the bulb heats the rock salt, releasing negative ions into the air that helps benefit the surrounding air quality.

Negative ions occur naturally in sunlight, during lightning storms, and generally around the movement of water (ex. at waterfalls, by ocean waves, etc.). Due to the presence of negative ions, people tend to feel refreshed, better in sunlight and/or nearby large bodies of water such as the ocean or the beach.

Since air naturally holds small amounts of water, the water carries substances like mold, bacteria, and allergens through the air. Salt lamps have hygroscopic properties, in which they attract water. Water vapor is attracted to the lamp, where the water is then evaporated, leaving the air cleaner and overall healthier.

I have had my Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp for quite a few years; I turn it on almost every day. I am not exactly sure about the scientific air purification claims, but it does make sense to me. One thing I do know is that I do feel calmer and there is a more "Zen-like" feeling in my home whenever my salt lamp is glowing.


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