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Tai Chi BenefitsMany people practice Tai Chi and go through the motions of a choreographed form. I don’t think you can really reap the full “benefits of Tai Chi” by practicing any Tai Chi form this way. Tai Chi has its obvious benefits such as increased oxygen to the cells, better balance, stronger bones, and reduced stress, but there is so much more. Tai Chi is a lifelong journey, as one thing unfolds something else will reveal itself.

I have spent many years practicing the Yang Tai Chi short form and concentrate on the movements, postures, alignment, breathing and body mechanics. If there are blockages (tension) in the body the chi cannot flow freely.

If you take a glass cup and fill it with water. You place the cup in a lake, the water inside the glass is not part of the lake. In order for the water inside the glass to be part of the lake, you have to dissolve the glass. When you practice your Tai Chi meditative form you must relax while maintaining proper alignment.

When you can dissolve the outer edges of your body so you feel like the air can pass through you then you will reap the full benefits of Tai Chi.



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