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On their first day of a Tai Chi class, a student is taught the Tai Chi principles and shown the opening Tai Chi movement. After practicing what they learned in class, the student then goes home and practice. When the student returns the following week, the teacher observes. Did the student practice? Does the student remember any of the Tai Chi principles?   As the weeks pass, the student will add another movement to what they previously learned. One move becomes two, then three, etc. Slowly it becomes a Tai Chi form. You hear the Tai Chi principles over and...

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Fake Tai Chi Tai Chi Tai Chi Principles Tai Chio rinciples Yoga Yoga vs Tai Chi

Why does it seem that Yoga is more popular than Tai Chi? Whenever I drive around town I see Yoga studios. At my local gym Yoga classes are offered. When I check web search analytics for how many people search Yoga blog vs Tai Chi blog, There is a drastic search number difference. More people are practicing Yoga and want to read and learn more about it on the web. Tai Chi is not as popular, but why is that. Whenever you think of Yoga you think of a man or woman who is in great shape. Yoga is a healthy...

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Apple Tai Chi Apple Tai Chi App Apple Tai Chi fitness Apple Watch Tai Chi Apple Watch Tai Chi Workout App Workout Goal

I have been hooked on my Apple watch since I purchased my first Apple watch version series 3 a few years ago. The Apple watch happens to be my favorite watch. I think it is because of all the useful functions available, besides just to tell time. Currently, I am on series 6. I really like all the apps and use them for so many things like meetings, workouts, heart rate, timer, etc. The other day I was searching for something on google and noticed that Apple had a Tai Chi fitness app that has been included with the watchOS...

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benefits of tai chi practice tai chi Tai Chi tai chi benefits Tai Chi Exercise Tai Chi for Fitness

Is Tai Chi a Good Form of Exercise? Tai Chi practiced regularly can be a good form of exercise. Tai Chi will improve your overall health and benefit your fitness regimen. The health benefits from daily Tai Chi practice are massaging the internal organs, lower body strength, improved flexibility, better posture, balance, increased oxygen, calming, stress relief, and much more. I practice Yang and Chen style, Tai Chi, daily. I have found that both forms help to improve my overall fitness level. Yang Tai Chi, when practiced correctly, gives you a vigorous leg workout. The Chen Tai Chi form I...

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Books about Tai Chi Recommended Tai Chi Books tai chi books

What's on my Tai Chi bookshelf? During my almost thirty year journey learning, practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan I have read many books on the subject. Some of the Tai Chi books were ok, others good, and some were great. All the Tai Chi book titles below are in my personal library and are my favorites. Please read them you won't be disappointed. If you are currently learning Tai Chi or are considering learning Tai Chi please use my highly recommended list below to help you. If you didn't see "your" favorite Tai Chi or Martial Art book listed don't worry. Please share the title and author with me...

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