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The health benefits gained from practicing Chi Kung are similar to Tai Chi. If you do not have access to an in-person Tai Chi instructor, please learn Chi Kung. You can learn Chi Kung either in person or online. There are so many free Chi Kung videos available on YouTube. Please take advantage of them.

Some of the benefits of Chi Kung are improved balance, relaxation, increased oxygen, better flexibility, breath awareness, anxiety relief, mind-body connection, and an overall general feeling of well-being. The list of Chi Kung benefits is endless.

Most Chi Kung is simple and easy to learn. There are various ways of learning Chi Kung. You can learn Chi Kung in many ways. From a teacher, through books, videos, DVDs, etc. I practice Eight Pieces of Brocade daily. Eight Pieces of Brocade is a simple series of breath cultivation exercises. Some Chi Kung students even claim they can feel their Chi in their first class. I think it is because Chi Kung's movements can be simple. Tai Chi is a series of martial Chi Kung movements seamlessly tied together. There is a lot more memorization involved in performing the Tai Chi sequence. That is why some students often do not feel immediate benefits from Tai Chi Chuan. The majority of Tai Chi practiced is the mindless, slow dance-like Tai Chi learned in a couple of month-program, online short certification program, or from a noncompetent teacher.

If you do not have access to an in-person competent Tai Chi teacher in your neighborhood or country and don't want to travel far, please choose Chi Kung for the health benefit you seek.


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