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Gorilla Pounds Mortar Tai Chi

When I first began learning Tai Chi, I was intrigued by the Tai Chi posture names. I could almost imagine the postures being performed in my mind by the animals. Not only do the posture names help me to memorize the movements they help motivate me to want to practice my forms. For some reason, the posture names spark the martial application in my mind. I remember when I was learning my Tai Chi form and got to the movement Snake Creeps Down. It was an exciting point in the Tai Chi form since it allowed me to use my imagination while performing the movement. Do you have a similar experience with the Tai Chi posture names? Which is your favorite Tai Chi posture?

Below are lists of the different Tai Chi postures. The lists below are not the entire list of Tai Chi posture names. In my opinion, they represent the most interesting.  

Yang Tai Chi Posture Names

Part the Wild Horse's Maine

White Crane Spreads its Wings

Brush Knee and Step

Grasp Sparrow's Tail

Single Whip

Step Back and Repulse the Monkey

Wave Hands Like Clouds

High Pat on Horse

Strike to Ears with Both Fists

Needle at Sea Bottom

Playing the Lute

Fair Lady at the Shuttles

Rooster Stands on One Leg

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain


Chen Tai Chi Posture Names

Buddhas Warrior Attendant Pounds with a Pestle and Mortar

Clasp and Tie the Coat

Cover Hand and Thrust Fist

Fist Under Elbow

Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

Part the Wild Horse's Maine

Single Whip

Blue Dragon goes out of Water

White Ape Presents Fruit

Jade Girl Works at Shuttles

The Head-on Cannon

Dragon on the Ground

Turn Round and Swing Lotus

Beast's Head Pose

Wave Hands Like Clouds 



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