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Do you want to learn Tai Chi on Long Island? Would you like to reduce stress, learn to relax, get more exercise, improve your health and well-being?


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What is it like at a Tai Chi Meetup?

I have gone to a few Tai Chi Push Hands Meetups in the past. Overall I had a good experience and think it is a great way to learn or improve your Tai Chi skills. Initially, I didn't know what to expect at my first Tai Chi Push Hands meetup. After the first class, I felt very comfortable. All of the Tai Chi Meetup attendees were very nice. The martial art experience ranged from beginner to expert. There is usually someone who starts the Tai Chi Meetup and has enough experience to teach the group. The Tai Chi group I was part of had several experienced Push Hands players. Our group met once per month when the weather permitted in a local park on Long Island, NY. The Tai Chi Push Hand Meetup was something I enjoyed. It is nice to push hands with others and get out of your comfort zone. It can be a way to gauge your experience level.

The Tai Chi group I was involved with ended when the organizer moved out of state. I was disappointed when the Tai Chi Meetup ended.

I would recommend a Tai Chi Meetup to a beginner or experienced Tai Chi player. Please use your good judgment when meeting with people you don't know. Stay safe.

If you are interested in meeting others interested in Tai Chi near you visit a Tai Chi Meetup held in your local area.

Some of the Meetup topic groups include Qi Gong · Meditation · Martial Arts · Wellness · Internal Martial Arts · Tai Chi Push Hands · Alternative Medicine · Yoga · Healthy Living · Self-Improvement.

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