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anxiety relief cure anxiety

Are you suffering from anxiety or panic attacks? Are you interested in finding a cure for anxiety? I remember being in the same position and searching online for anxiety cures. The advice I found and read was to slow down my breathing when I became anxious. Every time I tried this technique, I almost always felt worse. I believe this was the case because my nerves were sensitive. When I tried breathing techniques, I was usually dealing with a panic attack.At the time, I had been practicing Tai Chi and meditating for more than ten years. I should have been...

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My first Yang-style adult education Yang Tai Chi class was almost thirty years ago. From day one, I could not learn enough about Tai Chi. I have continued to practice Tai Chi daily and rarely miss a day of my Tai Chi practice. I practice Yang and Chen Tai Chi forms daily. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to anything Tai Chi-related.I have no trouble staying motivated to practice Tai Chi every day. Understandably, the average person learning Tai Chi may not be as motivated as I am. I know the benefits and value...

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anxiety cure anxiety relief cure anxiety and panic attacks

When I was growing up, stressful situations didn't bother me. People would comment on my demeanor and say that I always appeared calm and relaxed. I remember my father talking about how he felt and the feelings that stopped him from doing things he enjoyed. He would often get light-headed, and his balance would be off. He did not say it was anxiety. I grew up thinking my father had something life-threatening. As life went on, there were many things I had to deal with that were traumatic. One event was my father was hit by a car and killed...

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the power of chi the movie

I recently purchased and watched The Power of Chi the movie. Being a practitioner of Tai Chi for many years, I did enjoy watching this film. The Power of Chi was a high-quality movie done in a Netflix fashion which showcases the power of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi has been such an added benefit to my life. I hope this movie helps to popularize the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The study of Tai Chi can only enhance your life and improve the quality of whatever sport you play. Give this movie a try maybe it will motivate you...

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free tai chi

Can I learn Tai Chi for Free? I learn what I call free Tai Chi on YouTube every day. I have been training in Tai Chi for close to thirty years. I search YouTube for Tai Chi videos daily. My searches may include Tai Chi, Push-Hands, Qigong, or anything related to Tai Chi or meditation. I do not pay for YouTube, so I consider watching these videos free. I learn something new or refresh what I already know by viewing YouTube videos. It is a great way to learn Tai Chi for free. You can also learn a Tai Chi form...

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