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Can wearing a smart watch help with anxiety

I believe the answer is YES.

Apple Watch Anxiety
In my experience, wearing a smartwatch can help manage anxiety.


As someone who suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for many years, I knew I needed all the tools I could get to help me in my recovery. One tool for me was a smartwatch, which I sometimes refer to as an "anxiety watch." The first smartwatch I purchased was an early model Fitbit. Initially, I bought a Fitbit intending to improve my already fit lifestyle. However, I quickly realized I could use it to monitor my heart rate, which was especially helpful when I experienced panic attacks or just felt off.

During my experience with panic attacks, entering a nearby supermarket after work would make me feel lightheaded. The simple act of getting out of my car would cause my blood pressure to rise. My sensitized nerves caused me to sense any changes in my body. No matter how subtle. It triggered an adrenaline release, leading to dilated pupils and feeling lightheaded. I would then panic and sometimes even have a full-blown panic attack. However, checking my heart rate on my Fitbit allowed me to see that my pulse rate wasn't too high, which helped me relax and understand what was happening to me.

However, I also discovered that my Fitbit wasn't always accurate, which led me to purchase what I felt was a more detailed smartwatch, specifically an Apple iWatch. With its more advanced features, such as monitoring irregular heart rhythms, tracking sleep, and playing calming music, the iWatch proved a needed tool in my recovery. Additionally, apps are available for meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, and more.

Hope and Help for Your Nerves

Overall, wearing a smartwatch is a valuable relaxation tool that helped me manage my anxiety. When you feel off, check your heart rate. Doing this may help you to relax. Dr. Weekes would say that the body naturally wants to heal and restore balance. By changing your reaction, you are on the road to recovery.

The way I cured my anxiety was to put myself in situations that caused a panic attack. I changed my reaction, and little by little, the panic attacks went away.

While I cannot speak for other smartwatches, the Fitbit and Apple iWatch have been particularly helpful in my recovery.

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