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Are you suffering from anxiety or panic attacks? Are you interested in finding a cure for anxiety? I remember being in the same position and searching online for anxiety cures. The advice I found and read was to slow down my breathing when I became anxious. Every time I tried this technique, I almost always felt worse. I believe this was the case because my nerves were sensitive. When I tried breathing techniques, I was usually dealing with a panic attack.

At the time, I had been practicing Tai Chi and meditating for more than ten years. I should have been an expert on relaxation, but the panic attacks got so bad they affected my daily life. Work, taking care of my kids, and my social life were all affected. I kept doing what I had to do daily and refused any medication to help me to relax. Getting through a day was very difficult. I often wondered how it was even possible that I could be having panic attacks. I mean, I had been practicing Tai Chi diligently every day. I knew how to meditate and breathe, and still, I was affected.

The best advice I could give you to cure your panic attacks would be to face what you fear. "Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable" I first heard this quote while watching a video from Dr. Harry Barry.

To cure my panic attacks, I put myself in every situation I could that I knew would cause me to have a panic attack. Then I would slow my breathing, relax and accept the feelings that came over me. I had to change my body's normal response to what I perceived as an uncomfortable situation. When my body released adrenalin, I had to do my best not to fear the feelings that came over me. These feelings included a rapid pulse rate, shortness of breath, dilated pupils, feeling of losing balance, or even passing out. I did this daily for years. Slowly my nerves went back to being normal and desensitized.

During an adrenalin rush, anxious people can experience some or all of these feelings. These feelings are part of the body's natural flight or fight response. These feelings are there to protect us.

Thoughts and feelings may frighten you when your nerves are sensitized. How did your nerves become frazzled? Most likely, from something tragic that happened in your life. Such as a divorce, loss of a family member, or worrying or obsessing over something.

You have to desensitize your nerves. Your body is waiting to heal itself. You have to help it along. If I could do it, so can you.

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