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Tai Chi Yin and Yang

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art that promotes health and self-cultivation. The Tai Chi form is a series of Martial Qigong movements that flow seamlessly. Tai Chi can be a moving meditation. It can also be a daily exercise routine.

Tai Chi Chuan offers the practitioner many health benefits. The health benefits include better balance, increased bone density, mindfulness, better posture, longevity, improved mood, better sleep, and more.

[1]The five major styles of Tai Chi Chuan are Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun. All are named after the Chinese families who originated them.

Chen style - Chen Wangting (1580–1660)
Yang style - Yang Luchan (1799–1872)
Wu Hao style - Wu Yuxiang (1812–1880)
Wu style - Wu Quanyou (1834–1902) and his son Wu Jianquan (1870–1942)
Sun style - Sun Lutang (1861–1932)

The most popular is Yang, followed by Wu, Chen, Sun, and Wu/Hao. All the Tai Chi styles share underlying theories and principles.

Yin and Yang signify balance, harmonizing opposing yet complementary forces. It makes sense that the symbol for Tai Chi is the Yin and Yang symbol.

Once you begin to practice Tai Chi Chuan, you will add its principles to your everyday activities. Examples of these principles include:

When you open a door, use your whole body rather than your arm.

When you sit or stand, does your body lean to one side?

When you are stressed, are your breathing too fast or too shallow?

By maintaining awareness of Tai Chi principles, you can begin to implement them into your daily life.

Tai Chi is not just a martial art, it is a healthy way of life.



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