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Muscles on Porpoise® – Better. Because you want to be.™

Muscles on PorpoiseWhat is Muscles on Porpoise?

Muscles on Porpoise® is an active lifestyle clothing brand with a porpoise. The saying Muscles on Porpoise is a “funny play on words”, it means, you have Muscles on Purpose. Whether you run, swim, surf, practice martial arts or lift weights, you are building muscle and getting stronger, not only physically but mentally.

The definition of Purpose is to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself. The word porpoise is pronounced [pawr-puh s].

Muscles on Porpoise® is a brand about reaching your fitness goals through hard work and desire. Most importantly,

Muscles on Porpoise® is about inspiring and helping others through setting an active healthy positive example.

I used an image of a dolphin because there are dozens of old sea stories that claim that dolphins have helped drowning sailors, rescued people from sharks and even made themselves useful as guides through rough seas.

Add some fun to your style with "Gym Shirts" by Muscles on Porpoise®.