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I just read the book Steal My Art The Life and Times of Tai Chi Master T.T.Liang by Stuart Alve Olson. I really feel like I got to know T.T. Liang and what type of person he was through the stories told by the author. One of my favorite parts was a story of how T.T. Liang would eat Twinkies. Here is a quote from the book as told by the author: "So you do eat those things," I immediately said. "of course I do," he said with a serious tone. "They are delicious and have helped keep me alive."...

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While practicing my tai chi form the other day I had my thoughts on a recent quote I posted on my Martial Art Quotes page by T.T. Liang. "A man with great strength can lift an iron bar of one hundred pounds, but he cannot lift an iron chain of one hundred pounds because the latter is divided into many joints which are connected without severance so that no center of gravity can be traced. When practicing Tai Chi or doing combat with an opponent you must employ the same principle." After reading this I became more aware of the way...

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