I surf the web almost every day looking for Tai Chi, Qigong or other Martial Art videos to share on this page. I post anything that I feel is relevant and teaches me something.

Many times during your Tai Chi class your teacher may say the same thing over and over but you don't hear it. As you progress in your martial art training and your skill improves your Tai Chi teacher will make the same statement to you and you say, "Why didn't you tell me that before?" I don't know the reason for this but I have experienced it many times myself. I have also heard other students make the same comments. Is it because you are not ready to hear what the teacher is saying?

Surfing YouTube or any other video site for Tai Chi videos lets you hear and see something explained in a different way. This gives you the opportunity for an aha moment (a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension).

"It is the teachers job to lead you to the gate, but it is up to YOU to enter."

Chen Taichi Fajin basics explained

"Basic principles of Chen-style Tai chi Fajin"

Cheng Man Ching

Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West
Cheng Man Ching,
Commentary by Robert W. Smith

Yang Form - Body Alignment

William C.C. Chen

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Jwing Ming

Yang Form

Ma Yueh Liang

Interview with Ma Yueh Liang

Sifu Rudy

Sifu Rudy Standing Post Training
The Sweet Science of Push Hands
Rudy Teaching BaGuaZhang Rolling & Sticking Hands Tactics

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee - The lost Interview

Yu Gou Shun

Chen Style Tai Chi Old First Form

George Xu

What is Tai Chi?

Ang Lee (Pushing Hands 1992)

Immovable Old Zhu

La Palla Elastica del Taiji

Elastic Taiji Ball

Master Gohring

Tai Chi Breathing

Joe Cavaliere

Cheng Man Ching's 37 postures - William CC Chen Sequence 37 Posture Yang Short Form

Ian Sinclair

Sinclair Martial Arts YouTube Channel

Tai Chi

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Roberto Sharpe

Push Hands: Introduction

Chen Zhonghua

How to Match Your Opponent's Power
Power Out In Circles
How to keep the center
Peng / Lu / Ji / An

Aikido Explained

Aikido Explained: The History & Purpose


Aikido, The Samurai Spirit

Aikido - Street Story

Kyuzo Mifune

What is The Essence of Judo

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Life's 6 Rules

Freddie Roach

How to Punch Correctly

Gene Burnett

Turning Without Knee Twisting
T'ai-Chi Is More Physics Than Magic

Bruce Frantzis

Common Mistakes When Practicing Tai Chi

Chen Zhenglei & Yang Jun

Chen Style Taiji & Yang Style Taiji (Tai Chi) Side by Side

Sifu Adam Mizner

Ji and PLJA
Song Gong
Elbows Down
Hwa and Fa
Tsai and Lieh

Mark Rasmus

Elastic force course
Seven Point Body Push
Sinking the Force

Hai Yang

What is Tai Chi Quan and its Secret? Explanation of Silk-Reeling Exercise

Ken Gullette

Tai Chi Silk-Reeling Class for Beginners

 Damian Neve

Fajin Secrets In Plain English Modern Combat Taiji Chuan
Peng Lu Ji An In All Movement Modern Combat Taiji Chuan

 Jan Lucanus

Tai Chi's "3 Nails" Footwork Explanation

 Ramzi Nabulsi

Tai Chi Mechanics - Pelvis as a Fish Bowl
Tai Chi Mechanics - Kwa
Tai Chi Mechanics - The Spine as a Bow

 Michael Calandra

Striking Power - Mini Lesson