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It was about a year ago when I first saw images of Anne Hathaway and Robert De Nero practicing Tai Chi in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I was excited to learn they were filming a movie in Prospect Park Brooklyn, called The Intern 2015 and the movie would contain scenes of Tai Chi.

Not only do I get to see how Tai Chi is portrayed in the movie but this movie has a chance to expose more people to the art of Tai Chi Chuan, because of the A list actors in the film. (Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway)

In 1998 my mother was being treated for cancer at New York-Presbyterian Methodist Hospital which is next to Prospect Park. While visiting my Mom I would take a walk to the park and practice my Yang 24 Tai Chi form to de-stress. I remember it being such a beautiful park and very peaceful.

Anne Hathaway Tai ChiWilliam C.C. Chen had taught my longtime Tai Chi instructor Bob Klein so there was even more of a connection to this movie for me. His daughter Tiffany Chen is the Tai Chi instructor in the movie.

This past weekend I went to see the movie The Intern directed by Nancy Meyers. Being a fan of both Robert De Nero and Anne Hathaway I knew I would like this movie. The Intern was a story that very well could happen in today’s modern world.

Robert De Nero and Anne Hathaway had great onscreen chemistry and I could see them starring in "The Intern 2" or something else together in the future. Robert De Nero’s character was very calm, grounded, and likable, it was just icing on the cake that his character Ben was a practitioner of Tai Chi. It was interesting to see through film editing that only some of the most interesting Tai Chi postures and movements were shown in the film and the film's Tai Chi choreography did not follow the actual Tai Chi form sequence.

Even though the Tai Chi scenes were minimal I really liked how the director portrayed Tai Chi in this film. Tai Chi was shown in a positive way.  

I really enjoyed "The Intern" and find myself watching it on cable TV whenever it is rerun. It is one of those movies that you want to watch over again.

I recommend this movie.

Some of the Cast

Robert De Niro - Ben

Anne Hathaway - Jules

Rene Russo - Fiona

Anders Holm - Matt

Tiffany FN Chen - Tai Chi Instructor

Adam Devine - Jason

Andrew Rannells - Cameron

Zack Pearlman - Davis

Christina Scherer - Becky

Jason Orley - Lewis

If you find you might be interested in trying Tai Chi yourself check out Tai Chi for beginners for some suggestions on how to get started practicing this great art.

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