Tai Chi Zero


Ridiculed and mocked as a young boy because of a fleshy growth on his forehead. Yang Lu Chan's mother wants him to become a great Tai Chi master so he travels to the famous Chen village to learn internal martial arts. Everyone in the village is a Tai Chi master but will not teach and outsider Chen Tai Chi. Yang Lu Chan is very persistent in his efforts to learn Tai Chi.  

I was searching on YouTube for something Tai Chi related and came across a trailer for the 2012 movie Tai Chi Zero. I was intrigued and decided to watch it.Tai Chi Zero 2012 Trailer

View the trailer for Tai Chi Zero on YouTube here.

I thought the trailer of the movie looked entertaining. Rather than purchasing Tai Chi Zero DVD, I decided I would rent it. I called my local library and found out that they did not have a copy of their own. The movie had to be on loan from another nearby library.

It took a few days for the movie Tai Chi Zero to be delivered. When the librarian called me to tell me Tai Chi Zero was there, I immediately went to the library to borrow it.

I was anxious to watch the movie that night. When the movie began, it had the feel of a video game. It was not the style of martial art movie I usually find entertaining.

One moment I was interested, the next moment I was bored. I got about halfway through the movie Tai Chi Zero and decided to turn it off. I set the video aside for a few days.

Tonight I decided to finish watching from where I left off. When I began watching the video Tai Chi Zero, I immediately felt like maybe I turned it off too soon. But then the movie quickly started to fizzle out again. I ended up watching until the very end and was disappointed with the ending.

I would not say I don't recommend it. I would recommend that you watch and come to your own conclusion.


Jayden Yuan - Lu Chan ("The Freak")
Tony Leung Ka-Fai - Chen Chang Xing, Uncle Laborer
Angelababy - Yuniang Chen
Eddie Peng - Fang Zijing
Feng Shaofeng - Zai Yang Chen
Ying Da - The Governor
Mandy Lieu - Claire Heathrow
Fung Tsui-Fan Grand Uncle
Leung Siu Lung - Dong
Shen Si - Brother Tofu
Feng Hak-On - Lao Zhao
Xiong Naijin - Gang Yun Chen's Wife
Xiong Xin Xin - Uncle Qin
Wu Di - Youn Zhi Chen

Rating: PG-13, 1hr 40 min - Action/Adventure

Directed by: Stephen Fung

Written by: Zhang Jialu, Hsiao-tse Cheng

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