tai chi outdoors

Today as usual on my 15-minute work break, I was practicing Tai Chi Outdoors in a secluded parking lot adjacent to the building where I work. On any given day there are quite a few workers going about there daily routines at the office buildings surrounding the parking lot. Every so often I can peripherally see someone staring over, possibly wondering what I am doing.

Today was a little different, about three-quarters of the way through my form on this sunny day in October a man suddenly drove right up next to me, his car windows were rolled down. He said through his passenger window "Excuse me, I hate to bother your concentration but can you tell me where the parking lot entrance to the building next door is?" Without so much of a slight break in my form, I answered and he drove away. Finishing up my form I thought that was one of the strangest things that ever happened while practicing Tai Chi Outdoors.

When my sons were little they knew not to interrupt me during my Tai Chi practice unless it was something really important. Obviously this guy's father didn't practice Tai Chi! Do you have any funny situations that occurred while practicing Tai Chi outdoors? If so, comment below I would love to hear them.


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