tai chi on ice

Tai Chi on IceOne of the many ways I practice my Tai Chi form is to imagine I am stepping on thin ice. If my weight comes from the top down I will break the ice and fall through.

When I step, I step gently and fill from the bottom up. As I breathe in the Chi flows up through my feet, up through the bubbling well (located behind the ball of my foot) continuing up my legs and then fills my Dantian which is located two inches below the navel. The chi then overflows the Dantian and passes through my upper torso, palms, head and out into infinity.

As I breathe out and relax, new chi flows from above down through my body, through my legs and out through my feet down through the imaginary ice and is absorbed slowly into the icy waters below. I repeat this process until my Tai Chi form is complete.


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