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What happened to Tai Chi Magazine?

Tai Chi Magazine

One of my favorite magazines for Tai Chi information and news was Tai Chi magazine. For a few years, I was a bi-monthly subscriber, I would always look forward to receiving and reading the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. There was a total of six issues annually. After discontinuing my home subscription I would often go to my local Barnes and Noble and order a cup of Starbucks coffee, sit down and read the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. I always found it to be very insightful and inspiring. I especially enjoyed the stories of how and why people began their Tai Chi journey. It was my favorite part of the magazine. I would often think that one day I would share my Tai Chi journey and submit an article to be published in Tai Chi magazine.  I recently learned that the founder Marvin Smalheiser, publisher and editor of the popular Tai Chi Magazine had passed away on October 21, 2016, from undisclosed causes. He was in his mid-80’s. 

Tai Chi magazine featured really good articles for the beginner and advanced Tai Chi practitioner. The magazine kept you updated and informed. Tai Chi magazine contained interviews, biographies of Tai Chi masters, training tips, and information about various Tai Chi styles such as Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu and Hao.

Tai Chi magazine had been serving the Tai Chi community since 1977. For back issues of Tai Chi magazine try searching on ebay.

Marvin Smalheiser Legacy with Tai Chi

This book is an accumulation of Master Marvin Smalheiser’s writing in Tai Chi magazine from its inception in 1977 till 2016.

Marvin Smalheiser Legacy with Tai Chi 

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It is my hope going forward that Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners of all styles would submit stories of how they began training in Tai Chi or Qigong to me to be published as guest blog posts here on Tai Chi Daily.

If you would like me to publish your Tai Chi or Qigong journey here on Tai Chi Daily be sure to reach out to me.

Hopefully, your inspiring Tai Chi story will help motivate others to begin their Tai Chi journey.

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