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Earlier today, I traveled from Long Island to visit my cousins in Brooklyn, NY. My cousins reside close to Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Given the pleasant weather, I decided to showcase my Yang Tai Chi 37 short form in the park, with my cousin recording it. As the park was so close to their home, we made a short walkover to the location. While I have been practicing various Tai Chi forms for many years, including the William C.C. Chen sequence of the Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi short form, the Yang 24 competition form, and a Chen cannon fist style Tai Chi form, this was my first recorded Tai Chi video. I wanted to capture my progress, and it would be a lovely way to look back on it in the future. The weather was exceptionally lovely for a November day, and it was one of the few days before the onset of winter's cold.

Hope you enjoy it.


The quality of the Tai Chi video is pretty good considering we used my HTC Incredible phone and my cousin held it in her hand while videoing me. Even though the sun was shining today you can begin to see in the video leaves falling from the trees. This adds a cool effect to the video. Practicing Tai Chi in Brooklyn was a lot of fun, I would like to do it again. I definitely enjoy practicing Tai Chi outside. Usually, you will find me practicing Tai Chi in a local park or outside during the day on Long Island.

The soothing Tai Chi music in the background of the Tai Chi video is from the CD Relaxing Orient. The song is called Jade Forest. It is one of my favorites to accompany me when I practice Tai Chi daily.


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