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Tai Chi SecretsLast week in push hands class I was frustrated. My teacher and some Tai Chi classmates were telling me how stiff I was and how I was moving like a block. How could this be I said, I feel so relaxed in the inside. One of my friends mimicked my movements and said you are not creasing your hips. I was blown away thinking he was right. For years my teacher would tell me how the tendons, ligaments and sinews play such an important role in generating power in Tai Chi. I never really understood it until now. Creasing the hips actually separates them and increases your range of motion. As you are being pushed you are supporting your weight with tendons, ligament and tendons. My thigh muscles are no longer the main weight bearing muscles. Now I am more aware of doing this all over the body and how extreme power can be generated with little use of muscle power.


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