One of the Tai Chi teachers at World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2013 was talking about aligning the Bai Hui point, Hui Yin point and as we shift to each leg align both Bai Hui and Hui-Yin points with the Yong Quan. Since the weather was so beautiful out today I went out for a 15-minute break to Practice my Yang Tai Chi form. I started out with the intent of keeping these 3 points aligned throughout my form. I was focusing on keeping relaxed while keeping these points aligned so the chi could pass through my body.

It is important to keep these points aligned and your body relaxed while maintaining the proper body structure during the Tai Chi form. To really experience Tai Chi's gift of multiple benefits relaxation and alignment are of utmost importance.

As I was practicing I was making sure to release the chi at the end of the posture and then again as I breathed out and completely relaxed. I repeat the process over and over until I am finished with the form. I am also paying attention that my arms never move on their own. My breath comes in through the Yong Quan(bubbling well) which fills the dantien and instantly presses against my weighted foot. My arms and body movements are generated by this pressure that moves up and through my body.  


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