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When I was younger, I lived across the street from an older man from Italy named Amerigo. We became friends and would talk about gardening from time to time. His yard had a large vegetable garden and multiple fig trees. He had a flower in his yard that I admired it was called Rose Campion. Next thing I know they are growing in my yard. When I would come home from work I would find things done around my yard. Weeds were pulled, flowers planted, etc. I wondered who was doing these nice things for me. I would nickname the person doing nice things "the elf" because at the time they remained anonymous. One day talking with Amerigo I realized it was him.

Meditating Garden GnomeAlthough about 25 years have passed since his passing I often think about the nice things he would do for me. I still have Rose Campion growing in my yard every year because of him. I recently purchased a garden gnome on the Facebook marketplace for my yard that reminded me of Amerigo.

This sparked my interest in Garden Gnomes, the addition of them in my yard makes me happy. I was talking to my son and he happened to search online and found a Meditating Garden Gnome. I don’t know why but I loved this little figurine and had to have it. Maybe it was because he is meditating and has the Yin and Yang symbol on his hat.

The figurine is very colorful, peaceful looking, and is 8.5” in height. Even though it is hollow it seems to be nice very nice quality.


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