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I remembered hearing quite a few years ago that Lou Reed was a practitioner of Tai Chi. Unfortunately, I didn't search online to learn more until after his recent passing. I found a video on YouTube that showed Lou Reed playing guitar while his Tai Chi teacher Master Ren performed a Chen style Tai Chi form. I found this video particularly interesting because two of my favorite hobbies are playing the guitar and practicing Tai Chi. In this video, the music and Tai Chi form seemed to flow together very nicely. I think the reason is that the musician Lou Reed is himself a Tai Chi practitioner and he has a deep understanding of the Tai Chi form. Unfortunately the video of Lou Reed playing guitar while Master Ren performs Tai Chi has been removed from Youtube.

Lou Reed believed anyone could do Tai Chi, and he wanted to get it out to everyone

This August 2019 the first annual International Lou Reed Tai Chi Day was held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY. A Tai Chi demonstration was led by Lou Reed's Tai Chi teacher Master Ren Guang Yi. The annual event took place on August 3. The day included several other demonstrations, talks, and meditations at the Brooklyn Public library. Simultaneous celebrations are planned for Berlin, Warsaw, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.



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