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Do you find yourself having a desire to learn Tai Chi but you do not have access to a local Tai Chi school?

Many people write and tell me that Tai Chi is not offered in their area. The best way to learn Tai Chi is in person and from a competent teacher. Click here to find a Tai Chi teacher near you.

If you do not have access to a local Tai Chi teacher please feel free to look at the Tai Chi websites below. These Tai Chi schools and instructors offer online Tai Chi courses that may fit your needs and budget.

*taichidaily.co does not endorse anyone any of these Tai Chi instructors. Use the links below as a suggestions only.

Ian Sinclar
Relax Harder

Adam Mizner
Discover Taiji

Mark Rasmus
Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Bruce Frantzis
Energy Arts

Chen Taiji Practical Method

Clear's Tai Chi

YMAA School
Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming

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