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I have been hooked on my Apple watch since I purchased my first Apple watch version series 3 a few years ago. The Apple watch happens to be my favorite watch. I think it is because of all the useful functions available, besides just to tell time. Currently, I am on series 6. I really like all the apps and use them for so many things like meetings, workouts, heart rate, timer, etc. The other day I was searching for something on google and noticed that Apple had a Tai Chi fitness app that has been included with the watchOS 8. I was pleasantly surprised that I had the Apple Tai Chi fitness workout on my version 6 Apple watch. Once I began using the app I received a "First Tai Chi Workout Award" on my Apple fitness app.

Since I practice Tai Chi every day I am happy to try and use this open goal Tai Chi workout. I remember feeling slighted lol that there wasn't a Tai Chi fitness workout included when I first got my Apple watch. Before the Tai Chi workout was on my watch I would sometimes use the open goal workout. I like that the workout goal is now labeled Tai Chi which makes me want to use it to record my daily Tai Chi practice.

I practice both the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi daily. The open goal Apple Tai Chi workout records the duration of my Tai Chi form, calories used, and average heart rate. I find I have been using this Apple Tai Chi fitness workout since I discovered it a few days ago. I find this information useful for me and nice to have. I use it to record and slow down the duration of my Tai Chi form. I also like to know my heart rate and if I am able to reduce it while practicing tai Chi.

I find I am using the Apple Tai Chi fitness workout goal daily and think it is actually helping me to consistently practice Tai Chi. I am someone who has practiced Tai Chi daily since I began learning Tai Chi more than 28 years ago.

For some reason since using this Apple Tai Chi fitness workout goal, I do not want to miss recording my daily Tai Chi workouts. I think that it is a good thing. Maybe it will help to motivate people to consistently practice Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has so many great health benefits but to reap the benefits you have to practice Tai Chi daily.


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  • Sensei_52 on

    I also practice and teach both Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi Chuan. I’m curious … what process did you go through to ‘calibrate’ your workouts with the watch?

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