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This post was written by LK who is a guest blogger on Taichi-daily.com As I continue working on fine-tuning my Yang style short form, I am experiencing mild but annoying pain in my lower back after each tai chi practice. To relieve the back pain, I was advised to “relax at the end of each movement and let go of unnecessary muscle tension”.  The big question is how to do it. We are often told to relax, but rarely are we taught any practical tips on how to accomplish it. Learning muscle relaxation as a general skill can transform our...

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Breathe out and feel the path of relaxation as it travels down your back and into the earth. I have experienced a tightening of my lower back when stepping during the Tai Chi form. I have also witnessed some experienced Tai Chi players locking their lower backs as well. Next time as you breathe out try to follow the path of relaxation as it goes down your back through your feet and into the earth.  

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