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When I began my tai chi journey I would often use the image of the carnival water gun game as an analogy to understand how to form each tai chi posture. In the balloon water race game, each person sits at a table pointing a water gun at a plastic clown head or other toy-like figures. You aim the water gun at the mouth opening and when the bell rings shoot water into the mouth to inflate the balloon. The balloon is attached behind the toy head on a pipe. The first one to fill the balloon with air and...

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My form usually consists of paying attention to quite a few points and working on them for a week or more. This morning's practice my attention happened to be on my feet. The foot is neither the beginning nor the end but it starts the momentum the rest of the body follows. Each step as I shift into the substantial foot, I am feeling the Chi travel through my body. It starts below the ground up through the bottom of my substantial foot and passes through my body and out to infinity. Then new chi energy travels back down through my head, through my...

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