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Is Tai Chi a Good Form of Exercise? Tai Chi practiced regularly can be a good form of exercise. Tai Chi will improve your overall health and benefit your fitness regimen. The health benefits from daily Tai Chi practice are massaging the internal organs, lower body strength, improved flexibility, better posture, balance, increased oxygen, calming, stress relief, and much more. I practice Yang and Chen style, Tai Chi, daily. I have found that both forms help to improve my overall fitness level. Yang Tai Chi, when practiced correctly, gives you a vigorous leg workout. The Chen Tai Chi form I...

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One of the Tai Chi teachers at World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2013 was talking about aligning the Bai Hui point, Hui Yin point and as we shift to each leg align both Bai Hui and Hui-Yin points with the Yong Quan. Since the weather was so beautiful out today I went out for a 15-minute break to Practice my Yang Tai Chi form. I started out with the intent of keeping these 3 points aligned throughout my form. I was focusing on keeping relaxed while keeping these points aligned so the chi could pass through my body....

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