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  What happened to Tai Chi Magazine? One of my favorite magazines for Tai Chi information and news was Tai Chi magazine. For a few years, I was a bi-monthly subscriber, I would always look forward to receiving and reading the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. There was a total of six issues annually. After discontinuing my home subscription I would often go to my local Barnes and Noble and order a cup of Starbucks coffee, sit down and read the latest issue of Tai Chi magazine. I always found it to be very insightful and inspiring. I especially enjoyed the stories of...

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The discoveries I made during my first 2 years of practicing Tai Chi ChuanThis post was written by LK who is a guest blogger on Taichidaily.co I came to Tai Chi Chuan by chance and stayed because I loved the exquisite beauty of its flowing movements and its calming effect that I felt right away. At the time, I saw it as an alternative to traditional sitting meditation (which I tried to master many times over many years and only ended up torturing myself), as well as one of somatic arts, a kinesthetically intelligent and beautiful movement system that could...

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