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by Richard Morrison Shidoin, 5th DanCenter Island Aikido Long Island New York Chapter 1 Get Out of Bed I teach Aikido class on Friday morning from 6 am- 7 am. Actually I get there about 5:35 to stretch out. I hate to get up early. I hate to think about getting up early. I hate having to go to bed early the night before so that I can get up early. The entire idea of getting up early is distasteful. I remember years ago sitting in a movie theatre thinking about having to get up early. I decided then and...

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One of the Tai Chi teachers at World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2013 was talking about aligning the Bai Hui point, Hui Yin point and as we shift to each leg align both Bai Hui and Hui-Yin points with the Yong Quan. Since the weather was so beautiful out today I went out for a 15-minute break to Practice my Yang Tai Chi form. I started out with the intent of keeping these 3 points aligned throughout my form. I was focusing on keeping relaxed while keeping these points aligned so the chi could pass through my body....

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