Who isn't a fan of a great Karate, Kung Fu or martial art movie? There have been many martial art movies that have inspired me to want to study martial arts. For example the clip above from the movie Billy Jack!

The below list consists of my personal all time favorite martial art movies. *You can purchase these movies from Amazon using the links below or rent them from your local library.

If you don't see your favorite Kung Fu or Martial Art movie on my list below reach out to me, I am open to "your" suggestions.

My personal list of favorite Martial Art Movies in no particular order:

Ip Man
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Fist of Legend
Kung Fu Series 1972
The Karate Kid 1984
The Karate Kid 2010
Best of the Best
Above the Law
Hard to Kill
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
Never Back Down
Billy Jack
American Shaolin - King of the Kick Boxers
The Swordsman 2020

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